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November 25th, 26th & 27th | London, UK
From: Shaqir Hussyin, My hotel suite, in Hong Kong
Subject: Your Ticket To The Backpack Millionaire Summit, 2016 (Alpha)

Dear Future Success Story,

If you give me just 3 days, November 25th-26th-27th… I guarantee to show you exactly how to build a million dollar online business in 2017 by implementing YOUR very own Million Dollar Sales Machine.

It's taken me $350,000+ into my own personal education, travelled to 67+ countries to "Finally Figure This Out"...

This has earned me the nickname "The Backpack Millionaire", and for the first time ever I'll also be revealing my new book at this event after working on it for the last 3+ years...

You'll be able to get the shortcuts, avoid costly mistakes and finally have a proven roadmap to predictable, stable, and secure income for your future.

You’ll walk away with the skills and templates to creating sales funnels so enticing, so mesmerising and compelling, they’ll cause a stampede of customers rushing to your door and filling your bank account with massive amounts of cash!

Bold Guarantee?

Maybe, but the fact is anyone who is willing to learn, willing to do the work, understands that you need Millionaire Mentorship and can copy, paste and 'fill in the blanks' can use my training, and proven templates to get to the million dollar level this year.

Consider this…

    If you want to know how to quickly and easily create Sales Funnels that convert…
    If you want to shortcut your journey and get spoon-fed all you need in 3 short days…
    If the idea of copy and pasting my formula for making $28,000 per day interests you…

… then get excited! You’re closer to reaching your goals than you ever imagined.

You see... not too long ago I was tired, frustrated and overwhelmed.

I came home from a dead-end job, and wasted hours online each night searching for the secret. Until one day after hundreds of hours of experimentation I 'got one'.

One 'sales machine', one system that turned $1 into $5. A few years and over $21 million dollars later, I refined building 7 figure online businesses down to a science.

I've built not one, but 6 different MILLION DOLLAR businesses now...

...and for the first time ever, I've decided to teach you all of my best-kept tactics, strategies & secrets, and give you my highest converting money-making templates, campaigns, and checklists.

I'll be bringing in guest experts who "ACTUALLY" work with me to help me generate millions of dollars so you can learn from the best of the best and avoid trying to do it all yourself....
So What Will One Weekend in London Do For You? 
Answer: A Lot!
I've Been Able To Travel To Over 67+ Countries As A Result Of My Online Business.
Now You Too Can Discover What It Takes To Lead A BackPack Millionaire Lifestyle.
What You Can Expect At The Backpack Millionaires Summit...

Unlike Other Events With A Bunch Of Random Speakers, This Event Is Choreographed To Help You START And SCALE ANY traffic campaigns to promote your business online.

You’ll walk away with the skills and templates to creating sales funnels so enticing, so mesmerising and compelling, they’ll cause a stampede of customers rushing to your door and filling your bank account with massive amounts of cash!

Two IMPORTANT points about this...

This Event Will Sell Out - It's Based On Results NOT Theory...

For the last 5 years we have been hosting sold out live events all throughout the world. We have sold out nearly all tickets 3 weeks in advance....this one isn't going to be any different. So if you want to attend you need to act fast!

The Weekend Is A Simple & Easy To Understand Educational Training Program & Experience

The 3 day experience has been carefully crafted and designed to give you EVERYTHING you need to make your online business extremely profitable, more efficient and more FUN in 2016!
Unlike many other events, where you are left with endless pitches of upsells, confused and overwhelmed MORE than so when you got there, this event will NOT BE LIKE THAT.

I don't need the "money" to do these events, my "Online Business" generates multiple millions. This is my 'giving back' time.
I'm committed to sharing my secrets with the online marketing community through events like Backpack Millionaires Summit. And being something of a perfectonist - I won't be satisfied with running an average pitch-fest seminar like so many gurus do.
We've Been Hosting LIVE "Sold-Out" Events For The Last 5+ Years.
All Over The World. Now Is Your Time...

The Elite Expert Speakers Who Have Previously Spoken At Our Events...
Mike Dillard
John Chow
Saj P
Andre Chaperon
Com Mirza
Paul Lynch
Elite Industry Experts I Have Learnt From Spending Well In Excess Of $350,000+ In Coaching, Training & Mentoring
The 3 CORE Topics We'll Be Covering....
Generating Targeted Traffic
We've mastered getting traffic. Whether it be Facebook, YouTube or Twitter! We'll share with you whats working now and what to avoid when it comes to getting traffic that converts. This is how you’ll feed your machine - with highly qualified, red-hot, laser-targeted people ready to buy what you’re selling.
Million Dollar High Converting Sales Funnels
We've become very well known in the marketplace to create funnels that convert. Having a funnel that converts is like turning on an ATM and virtually printing cash. Finally, a follow-up sequence so powerful, your prospects will be climbing over each other to buy your products.
Becoming Top Industry Leaders, Earners By Leveraging  Converting Offers
You’ll discover how to quickly & easily craft super-compelling offers that are so appealing, people tell their friends about them. Whatever product and service you are selling, the offer is the MOST important aspect and we will show you exactly how to craft a winning offer that gets people to BUY NOW.
#1: Generating Targeted Traffic To Come To Your Sales Funnels...
Banner Ad Profits That Convert
  • How to quickly & easily purchase profitable banner ads on the most popular sites in your niche for less than $100 a month.
  • The right kind of banners to use, where to get them and the secret 'landing page type' that out-converts all others.
  • The top banner ads (and their 7-figure campaigns) killing it right now.
  • How to determine the best sites to place banners on, and get them tracked & launched in 10 minutes or less.
Million Dollar Facebook Domination
  • Results from our campaigns having spent £350,000+ on Facebook Traffic. Read that again :-)
  • How to create high converting FB Ads, and how to split test with a few simple clicks
  • The truth about interests, custom audiences and #1 strategy for stealing your competitors prospects right from under their noses!
  • Avoid costly mistakes that 99% of people make when doing facebook ads.
Email Mastery - $28,000 Per Day Formula...
  • How I spend 30 mins per day writing an simple email that gets me $20,000 - $28,000 per day...
  • How to travel the world, run a complete automated Internet Business just like myself, leveraging "Email Marketing"...
  • How to finally write emails that convert cold traffic into sales.
  • How to overcome any sales challenge by simply sending EMAILS to your list of audience, even if your starting from scratch
  • How to leverage emails to grow your entire business online or offline by 5-10x in the next 12 months
#2: Sales Funnel Mastery
Multi-Million Dollar Sales Funnel Secrets
  • The 3 stages of a 7 figure funnel and how to navigate through them
  • Powerful ways keep prospects engaged through your entire marketing funnel sequence
  • The 3M Funnel Formula - The birds eye walkthrough of the multi million dollar sales funnel system
  • I've now built 6 million dollar businessess so you know you'll be getting PROVEN information
High Converting Funnels
  • Engineering credibility,how to quickly & easily engineer your own credibility to effortlessly influence your prospects and get anyone to buy from you
  • The 6 step formula for crafting the perfect squeeze page
  • How to create stealth pre-sell pages & content that slowly but surely convert your leads into buyers without them realizing it.
Email Conversion System
  • My personal $10,000+ per day email marketing to write super compelling emails WITHOUT being a highly skilled copywriter.
  • Advanced email sequences - How to create compelling indoctrination, value & angle sequences that suck subscribers into your world, build insane levels of rapport and ethically force them to give you money.
  • The 5 step 10,000 subscriber formula - how to go from 0 to 10,000 subscribers in 90 days or less.
#3: Making The Money $$$
Authority Conversion Systems
  • The authority positioning webinar system - How to develop immediate authority, credibility and incredible influence with your market, using simple webinars.
  • How to automate your webinars for evergreen, high ticket sales and conversions (and where to plant this sneaky system in your funnel for maximum sales).
  • Case Study Revealed: A complete breakdown of my highest converting webinar… How I made $309,445 in about 2.5 hours. I'm going to show you exactly how I did it.
  • My Last Webinar I hosted generated $1.2 Million Dollars in less than 3 hours.
High Ticket Riches
  • How I became a Top Earner in 4 different companies, Empower Network, Tekademics & 4%.
  • How to effortlessly grow your income to $10,00 per month then to $30,000 per month and beyond leveraging High Ticket Sales.
  • Simple 4-Step formula that’s a MUST when converting high ticket clients.
  • 2 Step Funnel that can quickly & easily create a SIX-FIGURE income in 90-days or less.
  • How to easily make $5,000… $10,000… even $20,000 or more in one shot using persuasion techniques of master closers. You'll get a complete blueprint for selling high-ticket programs and creating insane commissions.
Making Your 1st Million
  • How to flat-out make your first million dollars faster than ANYTHING else you've ever tried before.
  • How to engineer super-star credibility even if you've never had any previous results.
  • How to get people to know, like & trust you and send you money
  • How you can get connected with "underground" millionaire makers and rapidly grow your income. Overnight.
GENERAL TICKET (popular Option)
(Normally $897)
  • Entry Into The Event
  • FULL 3 Days What's Working Now Training
  • Meet Millionaire Speakers
  • Bring a Guest For FREE
3 Seats of 30 Left 
(Normally $1997)
  • Entry Into The Event
  • FULL 3 Days What's Working Now Training
  • Meet Millionaire Speakers
  • Bring a Guest for FREE
  • Front Row VIP Seating
  • VIP Dinner With Shaq x2
  • Event Recordings
2 Seats of 5 Left
(Normally $7497)
  • Entry Into The Event
  • FULL 3 Days What's Working Now Training
  • Meet Millionaire Speakers
  • Bring a Guest for FREE
  • Front Row VIP Seating
  • VIP Dinner With Shaq x2
  • Event Recordings
  • ONE EXTRA DAY: 4th Day.
    Hands On 1-on-1 Implementation Bootcamp with Shaqir & His Team (SHIC Members)
SUPER VIP Limited To Only 3 Attendees!
Got Questions: Call +44 7540 256620
Personal Email:
Subscribers & Clients Will Be Attending This Event From All Over The World, My Last Event We Had Attendees From 19+ Countries...
The Event Details, London, UK
Friday November 25th 
Saturday November 26th &
Sunday November 27th
9am - 5pm Each Day
The Montague On The Gardens
15 Montague Street
London, UK | Nov 25th, 26th & 27th
The Risk Is On Me With My Brass Balls $500 In Your Pocket Guarantee:

As always, I stand behind one of my premier events with a no-risk guarantee...however I’d like to go one step further to make sure my valued members are completely protected…

You can attend the ENTIRE event - right up until the event finishes on the first day - take in all the life-changing information, tools and strategies that I’m using right now to make up to $18,000 - $28,000 per day.

And in the unlikely event that you are not completely blown away by the value you’ll be receiving, if you’re not absolutely convinced you now have the tools to double, triple or even quadruple your income, just let any of my staff know before you leave (right up until the end of the day on the first day) and we’ll give you a prompt and courteous refund...PLUS up to $US500 of documented travel and accommodation expenses, no questions asked.

Here's What You Must  Do Next...
Click on the button below to book your spot before they are all gone. With my Brass Balls guarantee, you literally cannot lose - unless you aren’t in that room on Nov 25/26/27.
Book your seat now and I’ll see you at the event. You won’t regret it.
Stay Magical,
Shaqir Hussyin

P.S. This event truly is DIFFERENT - because most people argue which is more important, your Offer, Funnel or Traffic - at Traffic Millionaire Summit WE’RE GIVING YOU ALL THREE so you have a complete, all-round business that just works, rather than the usual information overload, pitch-fest seminar most other ‘gurus’ are doing. This is something else.

P.P.S. NO one else can teach you, give you what I will at this event because quite frankly NO ONE in this marketplace has the results I have. Get the unfair advantage you need for this year and beyond by coming to this event...

P.P.P.S. Please remember...THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT. There are only 50 seats in the room, and we always get pre-sales from last year’s attendees, and others. So please note…
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And if you’re like many of the successful action takers on my list, you will already be planning to attend - it’s just a matter of who gets in first. We turn people away from Backpack Millionaire Summit every single year - so click on the button below right now before it’s too late…
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